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I am an associate professor in the Department of Writing at Grand Valley State University where I teach courses in professional writing, business communication, multimodal composing, and document design.


My research interests include: the intersections betwen rhetorical theory and linguistics, crosscultural and international communication, genre theory, critical discourse analysis, literacy studies and multimodal composition, and program administration.


I keep my teaching and research closely connected by focusing on ways to enable students to link classroom work to their civic and professional contexts. Part of this philosophy is also reflected in my work as the coordinator of the newly formed advisory board for our department.


Before joining Grand Valley State University, I earned my PhD in Rhetorical and Technical Communication at Michigan Technological University where I taught courses in technical communication and multimodal composition. Prior to this, I taught and studied general and french linguistics at the Université Strasbourg II (Marc Bloch) in Strasbourg, France.